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Events this Season

What we are doing right now and why you should get involved. 

May 14th 6:30 PM: Which Side Are You On?:

Friends:  Something important is happening in our workplaces.  The Romero Theater Troupe, Colorado's Worker Theater, has been hard at work putting together a performance of workers telling and performing their own stories about organizing unions and going on strike over the past few years.  The stories highlight a new consciousness of young workers.  The stories include a teacher involved in the recent Minneapolis teachers strike, custodians from the recent DIA strike, an organizer involved in the recent King Soopers strike, a Starbucks barista who led a recent successful local unionization campaign, a union steward from the 2017 Cisco strike, a member of the Denver Public Library Workers United movement, and a Hello Fresh worker involved in the recent strike.

We are proud to announce that this dynamic worker-led, free performance will take place on Saturday, May 14th, at 6:30 pm, at the IBEW Union Hall at 5660 Logan St.  Donations will be accepted to benefit the Leadville Irish Memorial, now under construction.  

Please help spread this flyer in your networks and come out in support of worker-led organic theater.

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