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Do You Want to Get Involved?

Dear Friends and Supporters:

The Romero Theater Troupe is issuing a Call for Stories, asking those in the larger community to propose stories that we might tell in our next major performance.  Our hope is to create an entire play out of stories sent to us from the greater community.   If you know of local persons, events, or struggles related to social justice and human dignity, consider sending us a proposal of roughly 500-1000 words that describes the person or event, explains why you believe it is an important story to tell, and offers contact information to follow up for more details.  We seek stories from Colorado past and present.  We are particularly interested in stories about unknown activists and organizers, unknown labor actions, and acts of resistance in the immigrant, lgbtq, peace, environmental, and low-income communities.   Our mission is to resurrect these stories by re-creating them theatrically and performing them several times for live audiences.   We believe that these stories act as nourishment in the larger struggle and might inspire people today to become active in social change.   Your proposal should include your name and contact information (the proposals can be anonymous), a description of the story, and why you believe this to be an important story.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Proposals may be sent to: 


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